Tuesday, December 15, 2015


I finished my last customer quilt over a week ago.  It is amazing what you can get done when you're not working!  I've been baking, shopping, decorating, gardening and writing Christmas cards.  There are only 10 days until Christmas!  What?  It feels like the days just vanish ... I can't explain it!

Here's the last customer quilt .. I used a pantograph, which I rarely do.  Love this line of blues and taupes ... I can't remember the name of it.

A tight feather pattern .. 

Beautiful quilt!  I hope the recipient loves it as I believe it is a gift for a special person!

... Speaking of special someone's ... This guy decided to clean up after my cookie baking last week ...
I have no idea how he got powdered sugar on his face!  Haha ... I think he liked it!!!

Saturday, December 5, 2015

I'm here ... I really am!!!

Oh my I have neglected all you friends and I am so sorry!  This happens to me every year after Halloween ... The time just disappears!  I have been so focused on getting my quilting work done so I don't have to work in December that I have ignored most everything else!  I have my last customer quilt of the year to do today!  I hope you are enjoying this season of blessedness and joy.  I live in Southern California ... close enough to San Bernardino to have felt even more the terror of this last week, combined with the terror in France a month ago.  I console myself knowing most of the world is full of good and decent people.  Especially this season when we celebrate     family, joy, and for many, a savior and his birth ... I won't let evil people destroy my peace!  

I just have to finish this last quilt and I am putting up my Christmas lights, and decorating my house, sending my Christmas cards and joining all the rest of those crazy shoppers and spending some money!!  I love you all!!!  Please stick with me ,,, I promise I'll get better again at my blogging after the holidays.  But for now ... Here are a few pictures to keep you going!

A quilt I quilted on Thursday for my friend's granddaughter.  
All this sweet embroidery could not be covered up by quilting!
Look at some of those stitcheries ... They are all adorable ... The puppy!!!
This is my friend who loves super tight stitching ... I free handed a tight double flower pattern.  Omni thread in top and bobbin in Cream color.
I can't wait to hear how loud her squeals are on Christnas morning when she opens this special gift!!!

Merry Christmas from this sweet little munchkin!!