Friday, October 12, 2012

Up For Air

Whew, popping in as fast as I can to let you know I'm still here!  We've been traveling since a week and a half ago, Tuesday.  Headed for the east coast ... do you remember?  So far we've been through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Virginia, Maryland, D.C., Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan ... I think I've gotten them all!  Whew!!  Currently we are in Detroit, Michigan ... we made a little sidestep up here to meet my son's girlfriend's family.  They live in a small town between Detroit and Flint.  It was very nice to see them and we had a good dinner.  His sweetie is living back here with her parents for a few months, and so it was nice to see her too.  She looked wonderful!

From Detroit we are headed for Chicago for a few days.  It will be nice to plant ourselves in one area for a couple of nights.  It was a tough day of driving yesterday ....up at 6, in the car at 8:30 and except for quick bathroom stops and to grab food, we drove straight through until 6:30 last night.  Every day has almost been an exact duplicate of that!  My brother and his family live outside of Chicago, so it will be nice to see them for a couple of days.

I have managed to hit three quilt stores in my travels.  Nothing exciting so I haven't spent too much money!  One of the stores is called G Street fabrics and I went to the one located in Alexandria (or maybe Arlington), Virginia.  I knew it wasn't a quilt store, but it had fabric, and it was close, so for me that was good enough!  It was quite surprising ... they sold Berninas upstairs and downstairs was full of fabric.  Like how fabric stores used to be ... decorator fabrics, home fabrics, huge bolts of suit material, polyesters, and there in a corner of the place, a section with nice quilting fabric.  I spied Moda and Robert Kaufman among  others.  I managed to to find about 6 fabrics that I bought for my current project.  More pictures later.  I'll try and pop in tonight with some pics!
This is what I've been seeing outside my window the last few days.  The colors are beautiful.  Not quite as orange as in this picture, I think the best colors will be next week.

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jayne said...

Beautiful time of year to travel but - hurry home!!!!