Wednesday, August 26, 2015


I have been spending a lot of time in my quilting/sewing studio. I showed you my mystery quilt but I wanted to prove that I actually did finish the binding.
It is hanging back at the Country Loft ... That's a quilt that when it comes back won't have to go in the pile "to be quilted."

I had another quilt of mine in the to be quilted pile - I dug it out, along with the back that was already made and quilted it!  I am teaching it this Friday from 10 to 1 at the Country Loft.
It's a 16 patch with some alternating framed fussy cut blocks.  I made this for me ... It's my grandma quilt for when my grand babies come to visit .. It has minky on the back and will be wonderful to snuggle under!  I know Kylee will love it when she comes!!
I did a technique on the quilt called dwirling ... You echo the previous pass and throw in some design elements for interest ... I really wanted to get this quilt done fast, so my pattern was spaced farther apart.
If I'd had the time, I would have made the design tighter and smaller since the quilt is not huge .. But I love that it is done!
 I used Glide thread in top and bobbin.  I have the binding all cut and and after class on Friday, I'll bring it home and bind it.  This quilt is just screaming to be washed so it will crinkle up.  I'll make sure I take a picture so you can see the finished product!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Mystery quilt and class

I had hinted that there was something secret going on in my sewing ... and now that the mystery class is over, I can show you the quilt:

Ta da!  Before it was quilted ...
I love teaching mystery classes ... it is a class from 10 to 4, and I always include lunch.  It has such a different feel than my regular stash classes, because we are set to spend the entire day together!  We use the time to sew, chat, develop our friendships, and just enjoy the common bond that we have ... being women, mothers, grandmothers, whatever it is.  I leave one block at the store to show you what the quilt will "kind of" look like ... you at least see a design and colors that I use.  I leave a supply list and that's when the questions begin ... my students/friends crack me up ... they always try to pry out of me information about the quilt to see what it looks like.  It's so funny ... the thing I always find so interesting is that almost every person that signs up for a mystery class is an "a type" personality ... I'm that way too ... but they always challenge themselves to go out of their comfort zone and trust that they will love what they come up with.  It has been so fun over the last few years to see everyone's creations ...

These are several samples of work from the class ... I love them all!!  I also love to see how people experiment with color -- maybe the opposite color of mine -- pattern in a fabric ... it's why we all love quilting ... a small piece of fabric looks a lot different when cut and sewn, then it did when it was a part of a yard!

I took the quilt home with me last week after class (I usually leave it at the store so students can look at it later); I am determined to try and get some of my own quilts quilted.  So without thinking about what quilt I SHOULD put on my frame, I made a back this week, loaded the quilt, quilted it, bound it, and even sewed the binding on.
You may be saying to yourself ... big deal ... that's how I finish a quilt too.  However, when you quilt for others as a business, you hardly ever finish your own quilts!  It doesn't make sense ... I know it doesn't ... I have a stack of quilts here in my home that need to be quilted ... and I have a small stack of finished tops at the Country Loft that are class samples that stay in the classroom for customers to see ... they need to be quilted as well.  Wouldn't it be great if I could just get on a track of quilting my tops?  I'll work on that and let you know what happens!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

At long last ... hello!

Hello friends!  I kind of disappeared for a couple of weeks ... it means I was really busy and trying to keep on top of several things.  My kitchen countertops are done; I have forbidden our contractor to come back and finish until the end of August ... he is great and I love the kitchen, but I am tired of cleaning up and I just need a break!!  He kind of looked at me like "are you sure?"  Who tells their contractor NOT to come!  Haha

Sweet daughter went back to college ... she is a senior this year!  Yikes!  So happy for her ... it was time for her to be done with summer and get back into her swing of things.  Hubby went back to work after his summer break (works in the school system); so I have been enjoying some peace this week ... well if you count three crazy dogs, peaceful ... but at least I don't have to deal with humans!  I think the dogs listen better to me ... but that's debatable!

I have been busy the last couple of weeks quilting and sewing.  I quilted this lovely quilt for my customer and friend ... it is a stash class quilt that I taught a couple of months ago.
She is so great at finishing her projecjts ... and they are usually given away to someone ... she is so generous!

She will tell you she isn't a quilter ... but I have seen her skill level improve so much!  Just look how those points all come together ... that is hard!  This quilt was a challenge for me as well.  It came out beautiful!

I love the look of her quilt ... The black diagonal and the gold diagonal ... So classy!  I did a simple stipple ... not small, but maybe medium.  Just to give it texture ... that's what she likes (and p.s. ... you know that's what I like too!).  I used Superior Omni thread in top and bobbin.
Enjoy your weekend ...