Saturday, August 15, 2015

At long last ... hello!

Hello friends!  I kind of disappeared for a couple of weeks ... it means I was really busy and trying to keep on top of several things.  My kitchen countertops are done; I have forbidden our contractor to come back and finish until the end of August ... he is great and I love the kitchen, but I am tired of cleaning up and I just need a break!!  He kind of looked at me like "are you sure?"  Who tells their contractor NOT to come!  Haha

Sweet daughter went back to college ... she is a senior this year!  Yikes!  So happy for her ... it was time for her to be done with summer and get back into her swing of things.  Hubby went back to work after his summer break (works in the school system); so I have been enjoying some peace this week ... well if you count three crazy dogs, peaceful ... but at least I don't have to deal with humans!  I think the dogs listen better to me ... but that's debatable!

I have been busy the last couple of weeks quilting and sewing.  I quilted this lovely quilt for my customer and friend ... it is a stash class quilt that I taught a couple of months ago.
She is so great at finishing her projecjts ... and they are usually given away to someone ... she is so generous!

She will tell you she isn't a quilter ... but I have seen her skill level improve so much!  Just look how those points all come together ... that is hard!  This quilt was a challenge for me as well.  It came out beautiful!

I love the look of her quilt ... The black diagonal and the gold diagonal ... So classy!  I did a simple stipple ... not small, but maybe medium.  Just to give it texture ... that's what she likes (and p.s. ... you know that's what I like too!).  I used Superior Omni thread in top and bobbin.
Enjoy your weekend ...

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Colleen said...

Just finished remodeling my kitchen and I TOTALLY understand what you mean! Lovely quilt :o)