Monday, December 2, 2013

Painting and moving

What have I been doing the last week?  After we got the granny flat painted and set up for my wonderful son, I had to move most of my crap out of there.  The upstairs of our home has three bedrooms ... son's room, daugther's room and spare room.  I used to have my sewing studio in our spare room ... when I moved into the granny flat, some of the stuff still remained in the spare room ... you know how that goes.  The upstairs looks like a bomb went off ... all of the stuff out of the g.f. went upstairs into the spare room ... well not all of it.  I am moving into my daughter's room, and she'll be moving into my son's room.  So most of her stuff got dumped in the hall upstairs and what wouldn't fit there, in the spare room ... along with the rest of my sewing stuff that came out of the g.f.  I have quite a bit of it in the closet in the new studio space (daughter's former room), but the rest is just in the corner of the spare room.  I won't even take a picture to show you what a disaster it all is. 

Her bedroom was turquoise blue ... she is 19, and I painted it when she was in 6th grade.  I was excited to pick paint colors ... after some severe deliberation, and help from my son, I decided on this wheat color for three of the walls ...

... and I decided to do a fun accent wall.  This is the wall my longarm will go on ... the color is Japanese koi ...

...  doesn't that look fun!  I figure if I really hate it, it's just one wall and I can redo it.  But I'm liking it so far.  Saturday we primed, yesterday we did the first coat, and today I put the second coat on.  My son is at work, so I was on my own.  Can't wait until it fully dries so I can start pushing furniture around and get some of my space set up.  That orange wall may need a third coat ... the guy that helped me at Home Depot warned me of that, but I decided that would be okay.  I bought a quart and I may have enough left for a third coat ... if not, my son taught me a trick ... you just buy a sample for a couple of bucks ... it's in a small jar and probably added to what I already have, enough to do the third coat.  The other great news is that I have about half a gallon left of the wheat, and that will be plenty to do the powder room downstairs ... we won't even talk about how long that has been in a "primed" condition.  Ha!!!
This is my granddaughter's first self-portrait ... Haha!  Isn't that funny ... She was looking at herself as mommy was holding the phone and snapped this picture.  Exactly what I've known all along ... She's a genius!!

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