Friday, November 9, 2012

It's looking like Christmas

Well I don't have a lot of quilting to show you as I've been at the store for the last two days putting up Christmas!  It is looking so cute in there.  Want a peek?
This is just one of the few trees we have decorated ... that garland in the tree is actually metal ... you twist it and bend it and it is really slick!  We have red, white and a creamy color -- the garlands are only $2.50 and there are three on this big tree, so you can see they really go a long way.  See the cupboard to the left?  It doesn't look anything like that now ... I'll take pictures tomorrow before everyone comes in and share them with you.  It was looking so lovely when I left this afternoon.
More garland and a few trees ... speaking of trees.  Yesterday we sat and fluffed trees ... what is tree fluffing you ask?  Well, we take all these flat and bent trees and deflatten them ... turning them into ...

Aren't they beautiful?  There were trees on the tables,
Trees on the floor,
And trees up above ... not to mention the huge trees!  Tree fluffing is not something that many of us at the store like to do.  In fact, we have in the past had two very special people that fluffed trees for us ... Donna's husband, George, and Kathy and JoAnn's mom, Gert.  Well, both have retired from tree fluffing duties.  We were lucky that we got the small trees ... Joe (the owner's husband who is also an owner), had the job of the large tree fluffer ... he even has a shirt that says "tree fluffer!"  It is serious business around our store!

But the award for most excellent tree fluffer goes to our friend, Maureen.  She just came in yesterday to say hello and do a little shopping, and we quickly put her to work.  Little did we know she is a stupendous fluffer ... every little branch was unfolded and every little brown strand in between the branches arranged just so!  Don't tell her, but she will definitely be used next year for fluffing!!  =:)

So I'll just leave you with a few more pictures and remind you to come on in and see us tomorrow from 10 to 5 ... we'll have loads of wonderful things to buy, lots of kits to ease your sewing, yummy food to eat, and lots of friends to visit with!
Still some fall left, and Halloween is 50% off!

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Brenda said...

Love all of your Christmas trees. Everything looks great.