Monday, November 5, 2012


Oh to be a young woman again and have all the right amount of hormones and be able to sleep!  Every night lately is an adventure ... I don't know why on the weekends when it doesn't matter whether I can't sleep, I always sleep, but during the week, I have issues.  This morning I was up at 4:30 a.m.  Great ... tried to get back to sleep and that was just not happening.  I did finally close my eyes for about a half hour at 6:15, but sometimes I wonder if that makes it worse!

It's been stinking hot here the last couple days  ... my son's sweetie is visiting for a few days and we have just enjoyed having her around and being able to spoil her ... I can't wait until this baby is born and she moves out here.  It will really be nice to have everyone together!  I did manage to do another quilt this last week ... this quilt was my customer's first quilt she ever did.  She said she had it for years before she finished it ... I can tell why
All those little pieces are appliqued on ... and there are twelve blocks ... if that had been my first quilt, it may have been my last!
I used a variegated King Tut on top and Glide in the bobbin.  She wanted a small-ish stipple in the sashing, and I did a large stipple in the outer border ... you can't even see it anyway because of the fabric.

My favorite part is the design I did in the sunflower centers ... I really like the way it looks with the thread color.  I echoed inside the petals and outside as well.  I am always a little nervous about doing this freehand, but I have decided that it shouldn't be perfect and it is easy to just run the machine along and if I go off the line a little (or the line that I have in mind) .... that's okay too!  Nature is not perfect.
Now she'll be able to get it bound and say "I finished my first quilt!"  I did two baby quilts for her in the last couple of months, and when I called her today, she said she is finishing up two more quilts ... wow, she has been busy!

One of my sweetest customers, Judy, told us the other day that in two years since she has been quilting she has made 24 quilts!  That is awesome ... I think I have quilted almost every one of those ... she is amazing because every quilt she starts, she finishes!

Now on a side note, I want to let you know that the Country Loft is having it's grand Christmas opening on Saturday from 10-5.  There will be trees galore, decorations, gifts, Christmas cards, and if it is like any Christmas opening, full of wonderful things to see and smell ... and of course great friends!  Come visit us all there ... it's always a big day ...


Quilted Squid said...

Oh the custom quilting! You did a fab job!

Fabric Quilt Shop said...

I love this quilt and you did such a wonderful job on the quilting.I don't even like to tackle applique now unless I do it on the machine. I wish I could make 24 quilts in a couple of years. It seems like sense I opened my fabric shop I have less time to quilt but more fabric.

Susy said...

Hi Colleen,
I have really gotten behind on reading your blog. I always enjoy it... It sounds just like you. I hear your voice in my head when I read it.
I have to say, I love your custom quilting in the sunflowers. You're so good! Maybe you can quilt one of my quilts someday. Oh, I have to finish one first? Okay.

See you soon.
Hugs,Susy B.