Saturday, February 2, 2013

Oh my, Oh my!

Oh my, oh my .... where does time go?!  So sorry again for my delay in being here I can't believe it has been 3 weeks.  I have slowly been feeling better and getting back into the swing of things.  I have been busy quilting as that cannot be put aside for too long!  I need to keep making money so I can pay off this machine ... ha, ha ... that's good motivation!!

Here's the last quilt I did ... took about 3 days to finish it because it was really big ... a king size and it took almost 1 hr. to finish a row, so I would quilt a little at a time.
It looks so different here on the camera ... it was a beautiful quilt and I just did a simple swirl because that's what Jayne likes.1
You can see the detail here ... more to show you the pattern she used.  Really pretty colors ... I used Glide in the top and bobbin ... beautifully lays on the fabric.
See what I mean about how large it is?  And the pictures don't do it justice at all ...!

The next quilt was a quilt I made for my granddaughter to be ... it's a pattern of mine from several years ago -- the second pattern I ever created ... I'm teaching it this month and decided to do a small quilt to show the versatility of the pattern.

Isn't this cute?  A simple four patch alternating with solid blocks, set on point.

 The fabric I used was a new line Love to Garden by Hatched and Patched.  Have you ever seen the patterns by this designer?  They are so darn cute ... she is from Australia.
Can you see in the quilting here, that I quilted her name into it?  Kylee with a little heart at the end!  I used a beautiful King Tut variegated thread by Superior ... it just picked up all the colors so well.  I'm excited because I have at least two other quilts out of this same line of fabric, so that thread will get used.  It is so cute, isn't it?  I think this quilt will be a good one for her stroller and will match the one they picked out.

I am getting really excited ... Kylee is supposed to be coming on February 20.  Of course first babies never come on their due date, do they?  Well, I suppose she will come at the end of February ... but as my son says, she will come when she's ready to!  Ha, ha ... he is so correct ... and if this little girl is at all like her parents, she will come whenever she darn well pleases and letting everyone know about it too ... she has two headstrong parents ... ha, ha ... God help them!

Speaking of granddaughters ... here is a picture of something else I made her ...
As you can see my talents are not just limited to quilting ... I love to knit too!  Isn't this cute?  I tried it on my friend's granddaughter who is just three weeks old, and it fit, so I can't wait to make her a matching sweater too!

Last weekend I went to Borrego Springs which is about 1 1/2 hours from San Diego in the desert.  It is a really nice drive, and I went with a group of friends that are in my book group.  We had the most relaxing time and just ate, visited and walked the whole time we were there.  So relaxing!!!  A definite must more than once a year I think.  We hurriedly sped Saturday night to see the sunset ... I thought my teeth were going to rattle out of my head as Carol was driving so fast so we wouldn't miss the sunset.  The road is only accessible with four wheel drive and is really rutted ... but it was worth the trek ...

It was really overcast that day, so we didn't get a great sunset, but we brought a couple bottles of wine, and toasted the day anyway!
Aren't we cute?!  Here's to good friends ...


Cindy said...

All you gals are so cute. Sounds like giggles, laughs and lots of chit chat were a "happening" thing.

Colleen, your "granddaughter-to-be" quilt is so darling. And, yes, I DID see you got her name quilted on it. Great idea

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