Friday, March 8, 2013


Oh friends I have abandoned you, haven't I?! My humble apologies. I am trying this from my phone, but last time I tried this it did not work. We will see!!

So much has been happening in my life. I am happy to announce that my granddaughter, Kylee, has arrived! She was born on March 1, one week past her due date and weighed in at 7lb 7o, 20 inches long at 1:26 in the am. I just had to laugh at her because her sweet daughter really told her ... Mommy said that baby will be born in February and Kylee said ... Nope, March!!! Ha ha ... That's ok as she was born on my favorite cousin's birthday and on my sister's birthday too!!

Isn't she beautiful!!! I cannot believe how much hair she has. I love the pictures I get that have my son on them holding her. This is my favorite ...

Ok ... I am trying this from my phone and did it a week ago ... I'm not sure if you'll see the pics, but if you don't I'll just add them later.

P.s. I just checked and the pictures did post! I'm so happy because I can do this whole I'm traveling now!

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