Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter!

I arrived home on Monday night ... It is amazing how fast you can get home from Michigan when all the planes go as scheduled. It was a wonderful visit and was hard to say goodbye to that sweet baby and her parents. I have lots of wonderful memories of our time, and I think I was definitely a help to the new parents.

I spent a lot of time over the next couple days trying to get my machine up and running. It had been snapping the top thread and I could not get it fixed before I left. I had to call my Innova dealer and get him to walk me through fixing it as I was not successful on my own. I was pretty sure it was a timing issue. The height of the needle has to be just right and the way the hook comes up and around has to hit the scarf of the needle at the right place to push the thread through the needle. It then started making a funny noise in the bobbin. A couple more adjustments and I think it's as good as it's gonna get for now. It is still making a bit of a noise, but it's making a great stitch and I did an entire 80 x 87" quilt without a thread snap, so I am happy! I discovered something because of what my dealer said ... The thread was not a good thread. I bought it because it was economical and because it was a great color. I won't buy that thread again ... It's just not worth the money I saved to deal with the aggravation of the thread breaking. I bought some King Tut by Superior and it just is a beautiful thread. It is probably at least twice as expensive, but you do get what you pay for.

The two quilts I did this weekend are both Cotton Club quilts, from the store's block of the month from last year. Linda's is first .... I used Permacore on top and Glide in the bobbin, and my favorite overall swirl.

The second quilt is Judy's ... Her border was a different print, and I think her quilt looks darker because it was night when I was taking the pictures. King Tut in top and bobbin and the same design as Linda's. Both of these ladies did a beautiful job on the piecing. These were 5 inch blocks set on point with setting triangles and lots of bias edges. They took my class last year that met once a month and they got their quilts done ... Beautiful job ladies and an honor to quilt for them!

The last couple pictures are of sweet Kylee the night before and day that I left her . I miss her sweet baby smell!

Happy Easter ... May the Easter bunny bless your baskets with lots of goodies!

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jayne said...

Did I tell you we are glad to have you home!!!!! and yes....she is a cutie!!!

Happy Easter!