Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wednesday snow

Well it is snowing again in Michigan ... It's the third day of snow since I've been here. It's very pretty and really hasn't accumulated very much. I think it's beautiful, but I suppose if I lived in it I wouldn't think it was so great.

I've been helping with the laundry and baby care and meals. The kids are staying with her parents. They were gone for a few days since I arrived (her parents); her dad came home the other night. I was trying to help with dinner and/or clean up and he would not hear of it. He is very nice and said I was the guest ... I don't mind helping, and I don't want to be waited on, so we just don't let him know! Mommy was supposed to cook dinner for us yesterday ... Lasagna. Well I wasn't going to let her cook so I put the lasagna together before her dad cane home. I kept asking her, is this how you do it? I did it wrong on the top layer apparently, so the story we told was that my son had to finish it because she was nursing the baby! Ha ha

I'm sending more cute pics of the baby. I am having a great time ... I miss my husband and my dogs and I sure wish I had my sewing machine! My son is working two part-time jobs so he hasn't had a lot of free time since I've been here but he's doing what he has to do. I don't mind, but I know he wishes he had more time with me.

The first quilt was one my friend made for Kylee. It's her own design out of the Noteworthy line of fabric. I did a new quilting design in it ... A tight flower that looks so cute. King Tut thread on the top and Glide in the bobbin.

The second quilt is also Mindy's and she sewed both backings together for me to load as one. As long as the backing are similar sizes it works well .... You just load the quilt back as usual and when your done with the first backing, you just roll some more and there is your second backing. It cut the load time in half on the second quilt. I did a swirly loop and also used the King Tut thread with Glide in the bobbin; both quilts I used the same creamy white thread so I did not have to change thread.

I stated having some trouble with my thread breaking, but I changed my needle, and then adjusted the needle bar height a little and that seems to have taken care of the problem.

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