Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Beatin' the Heat

Well it was bound to happen ... It is almost September and in sunny San Diego we have had a pretty near perfect summer.  Three days ago that changed -- heat and humidity have come and it is slowing me down ... Well, just a little!  We have central air in the addition of our house.  It is amazing that 79 in my bedroom can feel like heaven!  The rest of the house is definitely in the 80's!!

I've been staying home in the morning, and it is amazing what I am getting done!  I go out to the cottage and listen to the radio and sew ... I am in my element!  See what I made this week ..
It's going to be a class ... Can't wait to see what it looks like after it is quilted!!  Simple and fun!!

Today I had to longarm ... I say had to like it is a chore, but it's just that I've been having so much fun piecing!  I definitely got a cardio workout today because it was so hot in the afternoon when I was done, that I was dripping sweat!  Whew ... That doesn't happen very often.  I had to turn the fans way down in the room because they were blowing my thread on the machine, and it was catching and breaking every once in a while.  Whew ... The sacrifices I make for my customers!!  (See me standing in the room with the back of my hand dramatically sweeping across my forehead!!  Ha ha). Don't you think my dear husband will agree that air conditioning is a *necessity* in the cottage?  I'm sure!!!  Ha ha 

Hear's a quilt I have had for several months ... It was a block of the month last year by JAM patterns.
Alphabet blocks .. So adorable!  I did a swirl in the entire quilt outlining the "tags."
Here's one of my favorites.  Isn't he cute?  Near each block I quilted the letter in amongst the swirls. If you look to the right of this block, you can see the "O" for owl.

I can't seem to get a great shot of quilts in the cottage in the afternoon ... The sun gets in the way.  But you get the idea.  You can click on the picture and zoom in.  I used a cotton/poly on top in a brown/caramel color and Glide in the bobbin.

Stay cool .... It looks like this sweet baby is!

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