Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Playing Catch Up

Well I have been a busy little bee, trying to play a little catch up around here.  Actually, since my sweet daughter is back at college, and hubby started school last week, it is quiet around here ... well except for the three dogs and the ailing cat!  But seriously, it has been nice and quiet, and I am taking advantage of it.  I am trying to get back to my longarm and at least clear up some quilts that I have had for quite some time!  It does feel good to get things checked off my list.

This is a quilt from a class at the store; piecing, applique and wool applique.  She did a beautiful job!  Her only request was no quilting over the wool applique.  I know she likes simple quilting, so I kept it to a stipple in most of the background, with a little wavy outlining around the applique, and in the big parts of the flower and leaves, a little stitching to keep the fabric from puffing up.  I used a permacore thread in the top and Glide in the bobbin. 

A note about Glide ... my longarm dealer does not recommend this thread in the bobbin, because she thinks unless you are using it in the top as well, it is too slick to work well with a cotton on top.  I had run Glide in the bobbin for a long time, and after talking to her several months ago, I stopped using Glide in the bobbin.  Then I started thinking ... have I ever had problems with Glide in the bobbin and a cotton on top?  No I had not, and my tension was fine with that combo, so I'm using Glide in the bobbin again.  Something I learned through all this fiddling around with my longarm is that even though there is a "rule" for thread, needles, tension, etc., each machine is different.  Even though I can run a certain speed on my machine and be fine, someone else with the same machine may not.  It's just the way it is!  Lesson learned.

Next up a sweet quilt for a lady's granddaughter.  What I love about quilting for others is when I see someone's quilt, it looks incomplete to me ... my job is to make it look complete!  While I thought this quilt was so cute before I got a hold of it, I got to use a pale pink thread in top and bobbin and it just made the quilt light up!  I did my signature swirl on the quilt because it needed something sturdy to hold up to lots of love ... I'm sure this granddaughter will LOVE her quilt!

Next ... a class that Jayne ( from work is teaching in the next schedule.  Isn't it cute?  I did an open cabbage patch flower design all over in a King Tut variegated gray/green color with Glide in the bobbin.  It was fast and fun!  Interested in that class at the loft?  The new class schedule through December will be on the store's website after Sat.  Give them a couple days to get it up ... at

This next quilt was fun to do!  I love to see what this customer does with her quilting.  She does not care whether things line up, she makes it all work -- she just has fun.  She decided to do some machine and hand embroidery, and my job was to make the embroidery pop without taking away from the quilt.  It was just a fun, sunshiny (is that a word?) quilt, and I had a lot of fun!  I did something called "dwirling" ... it's a term and technique I learned from a DVD by Dawn Cavanaugh.  Great technique!  You just kind of echo line after line, throwing in dips and curves here and there.  It just gives the quilt great texture and highlights the fun embellishments.  I tried to stay away from the embroidery, occasionally going over areas that were lightly done.  A fun, bright pink Glide in top and bobbin.

And the last quilt ... are you tired from reading? ... I am tired from quilting!  Ha, ha ... the Country Loft is having their annual Sew for the Cure sale this Saturday, Aug. 24.  The proceeds go to the Susan Komen Foundation, and in years past they have donated as much as $10,000 a year!  It is a wonderful event and everyone involved is just beyond special!  I try to donate my longarming time, but didn't have much time to donate this year, so I did this one quilt for them.  It was fun ... in order to get it done quickly, I did a simple stipple.  Here's a sneak peek ...

Even though I haven't had a lot of free time, I have had time to catch up with this little wonderful person and her parents ... 5 1/2 months old and just babbling away ... what a personality she is developing!

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