Saturday, May 3, 2014

May ... A good beginning

Finally ... Some activity to report!  I told you I would get back to you soon!  I finally found my way to the longarm with the help of some good friends to keep me company and spur me on!

Both of these quilts are for my friend the most prolific quilter I know!!!  Judy is such an amazing person ... Most of her quilts she gives away.

This quilt is the second one out of French general fabric I have done for her recently.
Sorry for the picture but it was late afternoon.  I did an all over cabbage rose.  I really love this design and the texture it lends to a quilt.
I used Omni thread in top and bobbin in a linen color.
The next quilt is a baby quilt.  Judy requested a pantograph I have with birds and butterflies.  It is a great panto as it is curvy and free flowing, easy to follow.  
Really fun and sweet ... I love her colored border that alternates fabrics.
I was getting frustrated as my thread kept breaking in the beginning of the quilt.  When you own a longarm you work on it yourself.  And when something goes wrong, you are the doctor and you have to diagnose what the problem is!  When the thread is fraying on the top, it is usually something above ... Either the needle is dull, may not be centered properly, or the tension on the top thread is too tight.  I knew I had a new needle, so I loosened the top tension a bit.  It still frayed, so I turned the needle slightly off center to see if that would make a difference.  Nope ... I took the bobbin out and cleaned it again and found a big chunk of lint inside that I had somehow missed.  Oiled it again and kept my fingers crossed ... That seemed to do the trick ... Whew!  What a pain in the you know where!
Happy to get these two done!  It was great because I could use the same thread combination in the second quilt ... That saved a bit of time!

Back to the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs ... GO KINGS!!!!

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