Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Block of the Month

One of my customers gave me a quilt a little while ago.  It is a block of the month from a couple of years ago and is a beautiful autumn quilt.  She added a lot of her own details to this quilt ... Extra embroidery and some beautiful threads.

When I quilt a quilt like this it takes extra time because you have to be really careful to not catch the decorative threading. It is also tricky if the stitcher doesn't pull the stitching very tight, and then it catches quite easily.
I was really careful, especially while echoing around the appliqué.
Didn't she do a beautiful job?  I had a great time custom quilting it and deciding how to make each block a little different.
I did the top and bottom borders and then quilted the entire quilt, leaving the side borders undone.  I took the entire quilt off the frame and pinned it on again so the side borders ran horizontally. It is much easier to quilt it that way with echoing the vines then trying to roll back and forth, if that makes sense.  I used Omni in the top and a magna glide prewound in the bobbin.
I think she is going to love hanging this quilt this fall.  What an honor to put my touch on such a beautiful quilt.


Colleen said...

Stunning quilt and you did such beautiful work on it! I have this pattern in my stash and this makes me want to get it out and start :o)

Susy said...

I saw Kay's quilt this week at Wool Crazy, and you did an amazing quilting job! When I finish mine, I will be ringing your phone. Please do mine!
Not to worry yet though, I have a few more blocks to go.
Just beautiful!!! Your awesome.