Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Getting on Christmas

I owe a stash report, but I have to add up the yardage I bought on vacation, so I will do that tomorrow.

I quilted a Christmas gift for a friend.  I absolutely love to quilt a quilt that was made from a class I taught.  I love my friend's color scheme and I am so proud of her because she had never done a quilt on point before and she did a wonderful job!  It always feels so good to tackle something you haven't done before, or something you are intimidated by.
She used aged muslin for her snowball blocks.  Don't you love the antique look?
I wanted a simple design because that is what my friend likes.  I used my favorite Omni thread in the color bronco on the bottom, and a cotton Gutterman on top.
Love it as I'm sure the recipient will too!  What does this little girl think?
I was face timing with her a couple of weeks ago and took some pictures.  She was staring at me on the iPad and I love this picture because her daddy used to chew on his sleeve too!

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Nancy E said...

I love this quilt & was wondering what pattern was used? I have lots of scraps I need to use!