Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Year in Review, Part II

Okay .. Finally getting this concluded!  

Backtracking ... I think this green quilt was from my class in July ...
In August, I finished this beauty ...

and started and finished this one!

September found me starting and finishing this ... one of my favorite for the year!
October I made this adorable quilt for my granddaughter ...
December brought these Christmas finishes just in the nick of time to get them in the mail to some very special people!

And this little quickie for my December stash project class
I know I have a finish or two that is not on my blog ... hmmm ... let me check upstairs in my closet ... the one that is holding the 15 million quilts that I have made and not had time to longarm!

This quilt is one of my all time favorites!  The same quilt I made for my daughter, but this one I finished before I started her's .. It's the yummy Laundry Basket fabric ... A line from maybe 2 years ago.
This little quilt I will call a finish, because I taught the class in June I believe, 
... But because I have so much red, white and blue fabric, I am going to make it much larger, so I won't call it a finish this year, but will count it in last year!

I believe that is 14 quilts done in 2014 ... Woo hoo!!! I can't remember when I have made so many ... And that is because I made 2014 the year of using my stash; and at the suggestion of my sweet friend, and Country Loft store manager, Kathy Reppenhagen, the year of teaching a using your stash class!

Just to clarify "finishing a quilt" in these last two posts covering 2014, means finishing the quilt top.  They are all obviously not quilted!

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