Saturday, March 26, 2016

Hello friends!!

I know I have been absent ... I am deciding to not apologize, but just to know I am having a hard time keeping up with my blogging!  I have been working hard at longarming and creating samples for my classes.  I took a vacation the end of February to see my granddaughter and son in MI ... My daughter went with me and we had great fun!  Love that special little girl ... She turned 3 while we were there.

Here's quilts I've been working on longarming ...
Isn't this beautiful!  The colors are so unlike what I normally work with and I just  love it!
Love the newsprint fabric!!
The customer wanted a large circle design ... I used a light colored thread that actually had a little of a green cast, but it worked great with the darker fabrics!
Here is another quilt by the same customer.  Love the richness of these fabrics.
The customer asked for a medium stipple ... I used a medium gray thread that worked great with all the colors.
Beautiful!!  Thank you Jonni for letting me quilt for you!
Making cupcakes on her birthday!
Aunr Kierney made pancakes!!  Love my girls!!!


Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Thank you for sharing your work! Very lovely!

Susy said...

Hi Colleen,

Wow, you sure have some great quilts to work on!!! Both are beautiful.
And... three!? She's darling. How time flies. It's wonderful how you stay so close.
Love it.