Sunday, April 3, 2016

Already back!!

Well my blogging may improve ... I just treated myself and bought an iPad.  My main form of communication with this adorable munchkin is FaceTime.

After using my friend's iPad the other day to F/T, I came home and ordered one!  Like everything I buy, it was on sale with a discount ... I bought a completely refurbished one with a one year warranty for the price of a new mini iPad.  Anyway, how nice it is to read blogs, do Instagram, and Facebook with a large, clear screen!  I'm loving it!!

I did a little fabric shopping this week ... If you haven't heard, the Country Loft is closing the end of June.  Since I used to work there, I do get a discount.  I figured I should buy a little fabric while I still have a discount.
Isn't it pretty?  I have used so much of my stash, that I need yardage for borders and sashing.  I always need neutrals!

Here's a quilt I worked on this week ... And guess what, it's actually mine!
It is a pattern and class I took from Kathy Cardiff years ago.  The quilt has been done for a while, but I never made a back!  I love how things work out ... I had a bunch of pinks and some greens ... Thank goodness I had a couple yards of this one green.  Even though it had a youthful print on it, the color was perfect!!
I love it!  Now you know I am a simple quilter.  I mean it when I say that!  Look at how I quilted this one ...
With a stipple.  It's simple, I can whip it out, and when it's on my bed, who can tell it's not fancy quilting?!
I used a tan Glide thread on top and a tan pre wound bottom line bobbin thread.  I haven't been a fan of the bottom line thread because it is a 60 wt poly ... Very light.  But I got my tension perfected, and I was very happy with how it came out.
Got my binding made and sewed that on with the machine.  Now I just get to handsew it down.  I love that part!

And I just want to show you that you can use fabric in your quilts that you didn't think you could.  I focused on the color of this fabric instead of the print itself.  I think it went quite nicely.
I haven't been good about doing my stash report each week, but between the fabric I used in this back and the binding, it cancelled out what I just bought for sure!

So what have you been working on this week?

Daddy and Kim took Ky to a children's museum in Ann Arbor.  How cute is this little fireman's outfit?  She loved it!

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