Sunday, January 22, 2017

Hello ... happy new 2017!

I am still here and jumping full feet back to the blogging world!  I have been instagraming ... find me @quiltingunderthesun - I like Instagram because posting is quick, but I miss blogging ... it's my diary to myself and to my friends!

The last couple months I've been too busy ... my mom suffered a small stroke Christmas Eve ... she hadn't been well for a couple months, so I wasn't surprised ... she looks better now than she has in years ... blessings come in all forms ... I spent Christmas Eve watching her all day ... the meaning was not lost on me.  That woman has angels following her for sure!

Back to my world outside of my mom ... my son is finally engaged to the love of his life ... so excited!  They are planning their wedding for later this year ...
My beautiful daughter graduated college May 2016 and is interning in Greece for a year ... she's on the adventure of her life ... but I haven't seen her since August and I really miss that sweet face!
this is my sweetie 
... adorable granddaughter Ky, is going to be 4 ... she's in preschool and just growing into her huge personality!  She so reminds me of her daddy ... her step momma to be, my future DIL, has a lot on her plate!! 💕
And finally me ... trying to keep it all together ... January has never been my favorite month ... but I'm changing my world ... one day at a time!  Got into my sewing room finally ... had so much fun yesterday ...
A quilt top I made years ago from some left over brushed flannels ... played around quilting it since I haven't been able to quilt in over a month!  Nice to get one of my own tops out of the way
And just started this scrappy project the last few days ...
Looking forward to 2017 and what it holds ... reminded that every day is a fresh start and a new adventure!  I've missed my friends here!  Much love ...


jayne said...

All so true friend - we all just need to take one day at a best for everyone!!! Hugs friend 😊

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