Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Lazy Sunday

Hi friends .. Hope you are enjoying your Sunday ... I am sitting here with a cup of coffee enjoying reading some blogs. I had to share with you this blog I love. I have told you about Susan before, but it has been a while. Her blog is called Homeroad and you can find her at She is a junk finder and furniture and treasure restorer and so much more! She takes things you find by the side of the road or at a garage sale and refurbishes it into something wonderful. The project she posted today was a "chalkboard" she made by using a part of an old roller shade and painting it with chalkboard paint, then added a couple pieces of wood trim and the best part is you can roll it up when you are done! It is so clever .. Think of when those kids are laying around with nothing to do and you could whip that out, then when they're done it could roll up and fit in a drawer instead of taking up so much space like a hard chalkboard. You could take it on a trip: it rolls up nice to fit in a suitcase and you have instant entertainment in the hotel room. So do check her blog out.

A week ago I neglected to show you pictures of two quilt tops I finished! So exciting .... The first is a quilt I started about a month and a half ago for my son's fiancé. I asked her what her bedroom colors were ... She was doing browns and wanted some teal accents. Well I don't do too well with only two color quilts (ha ha) so I came up with this grey/brown/teal combo ... It is out of my comfort zone, but I think she's going to love it! I have to get it quilted because I'm sending it to her for her birthday the end of May. It's a surprise .. Luckily she is too busy mothering my sweet grand baby to have time to read my blog, so I can share it here with you!

The second quilt is a quilt I started a few weeks ago. It was a class at the Country Loft taught by Catherine Hughes. She is a local teacher that works pretty much with a lot of homespun and primitive type pattern styles. She always has wonderful tips and shortcuts and her patterns are usually pretty simple. I learned that simple does not mean speedy ... I thought this quilt would go quickly, but with 48 blocks, it took some time. It was extremely enjoyable to piece and I am happy to say I used everything out of my stash! I have told you before that I cut up small pieces of fabric into strips and then sort the strips into bins. Well I needed 1 1/2" and 2 1/2" strips for this project so I pulled out my bins and voila! I had strips already cut!!! What a timesaver ... I even cut and prepared my bindings so when the tops are quilted I am ready to go! I love doing that. Nothing is worse than getting your quilt back from your quilter and then having to dig through your stuff for the fabric for your binding. So always make those bindings as soon as your top is finished. Consider it just one more step in finishing your top! Now if only I could get my quilter to get busy!!!

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