Thursday, May 2, 2013

Comings and Goings

The last week was a blur. My darling husband was visiting our son and grand baby in Michigan. He never goes out of town, so I was a little giddy about the free time I had. I sewed all day on Wednesday with some friends. Why is it when you're sewing the time just flies? Before I knew it it was dinner! I took a class a couple weeks ago and so I worked on that quilt. There were 1 1/2" squares, 2 1/2 and 4 1/2" squares ... Well I cut and cut and cut. That should be enough! Started sewing then and when I put them all together I had 22 ... I need 48 ...Ugh! Hmm, more cutting and sewing on Saturday another 15 blocks done. Acccckkkk! Yesterday I cut and sewed some more; counted and I had all 48 ... Well I thought I did until I layed them out ... Only 46! I picked the fabric and sewed them together. Now I just have to sew the rows.

I tried to longarm on Monday but was getting no tension on my bobbin. Took it over to the side and played around .. Nope. Called tech support, and I think my problem is my bobbin case. After a while the little spring on the bobbin case that controls the tension gets worn out. So I ordered two (because you should always have a spare ... DUH!) and they just came today. So I will try them out tomorrow and hope that does it.

Last week I quilted a quilt for Kathleen ... This was her first quilt, can you believe it? Beautiful ... She just wanted a simple all over. I used So Fine in top and bobbin. And just did a simple stipple. She really didn't know what she wanted since she had never had a quilt quilted before.

Ok ... Keeping my fingers crossed that the new bobbin case works tomorrow!

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