Sunday, May 5, 2013


Well it has been an interesting couple days! Do you ever have the feeling that someone is pulling strings and your's are getting yanked harder than ever? Just when I think I can't take one more thing ... I was in the middle of a quilt that I had to get done; I've had it a week past when I said it would be done. My bobbin case failed I think ... I made a bunch of calls, ran to a sewing store to have the guy that works there tell me the case is fine. Hmm ... So I came home Friday evening, put the case in, crossed my fingers, said some prayers and texted my friends. I started sewing and it looked good ... My friends came over with wine and cheese and crackers. Moral support to the rescue! They drank and ate and coached me on; And when I made a mistake they ripped it out! Three hours later they left and I felt so much better.

On Saturday one of these same friends gave up her day to come and cheer me on! She marked, she fixed an oopsie I made, and pointed out where I missed something! It made the day pass and I finished the quilt! What a relief!

I still was not sure my bobbin case was great so I emailed a friend in northern California who said sure she would send me a spare bobbin case and overnighted it to me ... I got it today!

Do you have a good friend who always says the right things and is just full of cheer and support? I do ... She knows who she is and I know we support each other ... But she has had the best advice for me so often!

I am blessed ... It has been a rough year,, but when I think of going through it without my special friends, I just cannot imagine! All of them know I would do the same for them .... Isn't life wonderful? Take a minute to think of the sweet people in your life and send them a blessing ....

And in the end I have this beautiful granddaughter who found her tongue yesterday! According to my son, she has it out now all day long since she has discovered this new trick! As my favorite mug says "Life is Good!"

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Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

The friends that know me well, warts and all, are priceless to me. I'm glad you have friends like that, too. =)