Saturday, June 29, 2013


I am starting this post with no idea whatsoever of where it may take me!  It is Saturday morning and I have nothing I have to do today. Things has been a little overwhelming in my little world lately, so I have decided to take a "vacation' from longarming for a short while.  It is a nice break and I am finding the time to spend on small details of life that have been overlooked a little ... Gardening, friends, family, etc.

I have managed to do some sewing and it feels good to just have a relaxing project going on.  The Country Loft is starting a block of the week called "Life is Beautiful."  It starts in July and the designer loaned us her sample ... Isn't that incredible!  I made a small store sample so we could understand the technique she used, and be able to answer questions and help customers.  The original version is much larger.
Back ...
This quilt has some interesting methods used and it also employs the quilt as you go method.  Love that!  I was making the sample on our machine at work that does not have a walking foot so don't look too closely at the back where it doesn't join correctly!  Those layers are really too much to just construct without a walking foot, but it was still fun!

 We have a new addition to our household, temporarily ... His name is Todd ...
He is a 3 year old beagle, and belongs to our son's fiancé.  It is a long story, but we are "fostering" Todd for a short while. Trying to get our two dogs adjusted to him has been a slow process.
Does it look like they are all a little unsure of each other, yes they are!  Been almost two weeks and we have made some definite progress, but Sophie and Charlie look like they are still wondering when our houseguest is leaving!  Have you ever heard a beagle bark ... Bar-oo roo roo ..!!

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