Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ready, set ...

Oh it has been a week and a half to end all week and a halfs!  All I can say is that last Tues., I was already wishing it was the weekend!  My daughter and I are going to Michigan to visit and so she can finally meet her niece!  I had appointments before I left, and quilts that had to be done.  First I had to get my machine purring .. Needed a minor adjustment that I did not want to make!  My wonderful tech support talked me through it and told me I could do it.  It took me about 45 min, but I did get it timed and working well.

I finished four quilts last week.  The first was a quilt that had so much color and design that I thought a pantograph would work well.  I used So Fine in the top and bobbin.  

The second quilt was a beautiful quilt my customer had made as a gift.  She wanted a patriotic theme, so I used a pantograph that has stars and stripes in it.  It is a great look and would also look good on a child's quilt.  I used Glide in the top and bobbin.  The background on the quilt was white ad I did not want to use a blue or red thread ... Too dark on a light background.  I chose a color called Sand, which was actually a little light gold/yellow and complimented the colors in the quilt.  I took a picture of the back too because it was so cute!

Next was a charity quilt.  I used a gold Omni thread and I did an all over stipple. I liked how simple the design was.  I do enjoy the basic stipple.  To me it is such a classic, simple pattern.

The fourth quilt was a Christmas jelly roll quilt.  I thought about it for a while, and in the end decided just to do a simple all over swirl.  I went around and around on color ... Red, green, caramel, black ... In the end I decided on a dark gold Omni.  Sometimes I just will leave four or five cones of thread with a piece pulled out laying on the quilt.  I will walk by it several times to see which one grabs me.  Sometimes my first choice is not always what I go with!

I end with a sweet picture of my granddaughter.  We will be there soon and I will make up for lost time!

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