Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Blog reading

Hi ... I have had a couple of questions about Bloglovin', so I will try to explain it as best I understand ... Ha ha!  Apparently in March, Google announced that they would be retiring their google reader program (don't think that that's the right word), July 1.  I never heard anything about it but started seeing all these posts last week on people''s blogs about moving to BL.  I looked it up on the Internet  the other day, and made the switch.  I only have set up the program on my iPhone, so I can't speak to on your home computer.  BL is an app I downloaded to my iPhone; it pulls all the blogs you have previously marked that you read, and transfers them to this great app.  When you open the app, all your blogs scroll up for you to read the new posts.  It is really nice!  The thing I like most about it is you can navigate between blogs that you read more quickly than you used to.  

I don't like change ... I really don't, and I am not tech savvy AT ALL, but this was a fast change for me.  Have a wonderful and patriotic 4th of July!!!

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