Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sewing time

It has been a long time since I've been in my sewing studio.  The longarm is quiet as I am taking a vacation from it for a short while.  I have time now to do some sewing and taking care of the house, my hubby and daughter that are both off for the summer, gardening, etc.  I am really enjoying slowing my life down a little, and thinking this may be a yearly vacation I give myself.

I've been sewing for three days now, but I can't exactly tell you what I'm making.  I can tell you that the first thing I needed to do was recover my ironing board ...
It was horrible!  I pulled off the old fabric, grabbed some batting, layered it over the old original silver cover, then threw a piece of fabric long enough to cover, and trimmed the edges of the fabric.
Pinned it in different places to the original cover to hold it down.
Doesn't look very pretty on the bottom, but the top looks great!
Sorry about the direction of this picture. 

While sewing I had some company ...

 Todd really likes to be around people.  I think because our dogs are a bonded pair, Todd needs a friend, and I guess I'm it!

Ok ... Here is what I can show you that I've been doing in my workshop ...
A little of this ...
Some of that ... And I'll also be needing
That's it for now ... I'll share more details as soon as I can!  Have a great week!!

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