Saturday, June 29, 2013


I am starting this post with no idea whatsoever of where it may take me!  It is Saturday morning and I have nothing I have to do today. Things has been a little overwhelming in my little world lately, so I have decided to take a "vacation' from longarming for a short while.  It is a nice break and I am finding the time to spend on small details of life that have been overlooked a little ... Gardening, friends, family, etc.

I have managed to do some sewing and it feels good to just have a relaxing project going on.  The Country Loft is starting a block of the week called "Life is Beautiful."  It starts in July and the designer loaned us her sample ... Isn't that incredible!  I made a small store sample so we could understand the technique she used, and be able to answer questions and help customers.  The original version is much larger.
Back ...
This quilt has some interesting methods used and it also employs the quilt as you go method.  Love that!  I was making the sample on our machine at work that does not have a walking foot so don't look too closely at the back where it doesn't join correctly!  Those layers are really too much to just construct without a walking foot, but it was still fun!

 We have a new addition to our household, temporarily ... His name is Todd ...
He is a 3 year old beagle, and belongs to our son's fiancĂ©.  It is a long story, but we are "fostering" Todd for a short while. Trying to get our two dogs adjusted to him has been a slow process.
Does it look like they are all a little unsure of each other, yes they are!  Been almost two weeks and we have made some definite progress, but Sophie and Charlie look like they are still wondering when our houseguest is leaving!  Have you ever heard a beagle bark ... Bar-oo roo roo ..!!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Catching up!

Hi!!  We had a wonderful trip to Michigan and my granddaughter is so darn cute!  She is 3 1/2 months old now and just found her voice.  Makes the cutest noises!  My daughter is in love with her and can't believe how wonderful she is!  She has an easygoing personality and is a good baby; her parents are lucky.
Isn't she adorable?  You just want to squeeze those thighs!  I only got one pic of her and me, and she wouldn't look at the camera.
Here is a picture of aunt and niece ... They both adored the other.
I have done no quilting, but did shop at a cute quilt store in Brighton, MI.  It's called Monarch Quilts.  It had more on the bright side of fabrics: very friendly staff, and I found some cute fabrics for baby Kylee.

Hopefully I'll get something done this week!  I've just been playing catch up and trying to get back in the swing of things!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ready, set ...

Oh it has been a week and a half to end all week and a halfs!  All I can say is that last Tues., I was already wishing it was the weekend!  My daughter and I are going to Michigan to visit and so she can finally meet her niece!  I had appointments before I left, and quilts that had to be done.  First I had to get my machine purring .. Needed a minor adjustment that I did not want to make!  My wonderful tech support talked me through it and told me I could do it.  It took me about 45 min, but I did get it timed and working well.

I finished four quilts last week.  The first was a quilt that had so much color and design that I thought a pantograph would work well.  I used So Fine in the top and bobbin.  

The second quilt was a beautiful quilt my customer had made as a gift.  She wanted a patriotic theme, so I used a pantograph that has stars and stripes in it.  It is a great look and would also look good on a child's quilt.  I used Glide in the top and bobbin.  The background on the quilt was white ad I did not want to use a blue or red thread ... Too dark on a light background.  I chose a color called Sand, which was actually a little light gold/yellow and complimented the colors in the quilt.  I took a picture of the back too because it was so cute!

Next was a charity quilt.  I used a gold Omni thread and I did an all over stipple. I liked how simple the design was.  I do enjoy the basic stipple.  To me it is such a classic, simple pattern.

The fourth quilt was a Christmas jelly roll quilt.  I thought about it for a while, and in the end decided just to do a simple all over swirl.  I went around and around on color ... Red, green, caramel, black ... In the end I decided on a dark gold Omni.  Sometimes I just will leave four or five cones of thread with a piece pulled out laying on the quilt.  I will walk by it several times to see which one grabs me.  Sometimes my first choice is not always what I go with!

I end with a sweet picture of my granddaughter.  We will be there soon and I will make up for lost time!