Thursday, March 20, 2014

Longarming and gardens

Both of these feed your soul, don't they?  I am happy to report that after 5 days, my new plants are still alive!  I'm checking on them 3 times a day.  Haha

I have been at my machine doing some work in the last week.  Here is an adorable quilt my friend made ... It was a year long class in piecing techniques and was very challenging.
She actually made two quilts!  This one in 30's fabrics and the other one is a more coordinated color wave.  It was supposed to have a complicated border, but she decided she would rather enjoy her quilts and get them done now, rather than shove them in a box to finish another time.
She did an amazing job piecing this, don't you think?  She really just loves close, all over small quilting, so I did my little signature swirl.  Since my color selection of Omni thread is limited, I used a Signature in an ivory color with a prewound Glide bobbin ... Love that brand of prewounds!!!
So sweet!!!

Speaking of Omni thread, I decided to add to my color selection since I am loving their thread.  My friend, Tina at work, is in charge of ordering supplies for the store.  Well I just added handed my order to her one day, and two days later I had the thread in my hands!  Now that is service ... Great service by Superior, and really great service by my secretary, Tina!  I really love having a secretary ... I wonder how much income my longarm business has to generate to afford one?! I'm sure I can't afford Tina .. But she is a good friend!
More neutrals and a dark one in there too!  There are so many different shades of beige, cream and taupe ... I want them all!!!

Here is what happens when you dress a sweet one year old in an outfit that mommy loves, but baby doesn't!
Seriously ... Hahahahahahahaha ... That is a look her Daddy has ... It says "I am not having this!"  I just love how expressive my granddaughter is!  My daughter-in-law to be has quite a time ahead of her ... Two definite strong personalities, daddy and daughter!


Angie said...

You granddaughter is Adorable! Love your friends quilt! and the quilting is perfect!

sandra said...

I love her little picture...precious!!!!