Friday, March 7, 2014


I have some pics and a post later to tell you about the shop hop in the San Diego area this last week.  I went to a couple stores with two good friends .... Hope to post that tomorrow.

My baby's birthday was last Saturday and she turned 1!!!  I wanted to send her something very special for her first birthday from her grandparents.  Our daughter also wanted to send something just from auntie.  So we got a couple books for Kylee from auntie.  I was in a hurry to get them wrapped and in the mail; while at Target I grabbed a cute roll of wrapping paper and noticed it was $4 ... On top of that I needed some cute ribbon.  Then something new caught my eye ...
It's called Spritz ... And appears to be a brand by/for Target.  This roll of wrap was only $1 and each package of trim above was also $1.  I put back my original roll and thought I would try this instead.
The wrapping paper was sturdier than I thought it would be -- very nice.  There was also quite a bit on the roll.  The raffia type ribbon was strong enough that it didn't snap when I pulled it tight and knotted it.  The package of felt flowers had little stickies on the back and stuck perfectly.

I checked Target's website and they have 195 items listed from wrap, trim, paper products, cards, balloons, candles and more.  Check those aisles out next time you are looking for something different and affordable for birthdays and other occasions!

She loves the baby doll we got her
And I love how sweet she looks behind the dolly stroller we sent
I can't stand how adorable she is and I sure miss her ... Love her little curl in her hair.  Both my kids have straight hair, so it is special that our sweet granddaughter has curls!

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Sure is a cutie!!!!!