Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Matter of Mulch

Once a year our small city has a day where we can take anything we want to toss and drop it off at the local recycling/trash center.  Great day to get rid of the piles of large broken things we have acquired, and not have to pay for it.  The other great thing about the day ... Free mulch!!  My hubby loves to sleep in, so I am never able to get there early and always keep my fingers crossed to get some mulch.  But this year since our son is back home as a working man, and is not adverse to getting up early, we left at 8 for our first load.  There were several trucks there already, but my strategy was to not get there at 7 when they opened.  I did not want to be waiting in the early bird line .... We timed it well.  Filled up, went and had a coffee and a quick breakfast at Starbucks with my sweet son.  He is an industrious young man and I am so proud of who he continues to grow into.  Went home and unloaded, and then while I was busy moving mulch, the boys went back for 2 more loads.  We just made it stretch to cover what we wanted, but we could have used one more load.  They had gone back for load number 4, but it was too close to closing time.  I am so thankful for the 3 loads we got ... That was a lot of money we saved, and makes the yard look so nice and tidy.  It was a long day.  By the time we finished it was about 430 and I was so dirty I left a ring in the bathtub ... Haha!

And while it was snowing in other parts of the states today, we had our second day of 80 degree weather!

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