Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Getting nothing done

Well after a productive weekend away a week and a half ago, I've accomplished no sewing or longarming since I've been back.  I did get in my sewing room over the weekend and did a little sewing on an old project. I have a quilt to make for a very special someone, and I haven't worked on it very much.  I would really like to get it done this year and so I decided to make a couple blocks over the weekend.  It felt good.  I have lots of longarming to do, I just don't know what has been happening to the days.  It has been 90 here the last 2 days and that is just way too hot to spend over my longarm.

I'll show you a quilt I finished a couple of weeks ago ...
A quilt that a dear friend made for her granddaughter.
The memories in the making of this quilt are very special, and I thought of this as I was quilting it.
The granddaughter is going to love this gift from her grandma ... Made with love. I used Omni in top and bobbin in my favorite color, Bronco.  Did a sweet little loopy loop.

I forgot to get a shot of this on the longarm ... It's a cute quilt made with a large apple core design.  Her piecing was lovely.  I was a little nervous about pinning the top on because of the wavy edges -- I alway pin with a straight edge. But I got it on and it worked out great.  Used the same Omni Bronco thread in top and bobbin, and customer requested a loopy design.

Hopefully I'll get something done this weekend!  And here's a picture of the sweetie that always makes me smile.  She is so adorable!!!! Xoxo
I hope you're getting time to sew ... I tend to forget it should be something I enjoy doing, and not something I have to do.

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jayne said...

Cute as a button she is :)