Sunday, June 21, 2015

APQ Quiltalong - Update

Hi!!  I have worked on this quilt twice this week!! I love the way it is coming together!
It is taking a long time to put it together ... Part of it is the size and trying to get it laid out on the floor!  There are 22 rows, and I think I have 8 here!  The other part is that the blocks are rather small within the larger block, and so I am opening all the seams ... That takes a ton of time!  I'm trying to not hurry and enjoy the process.
It's going to look great on my bed!!  I am shooting for the end of July to have it done.  What have you been working on?

I took some hand sewing to a friend's the other day.  It is a cute little kit I bought on impulse at the Del Mar craft and quilt show a month ago.
My blanket stitch leaves a little to be desired, but I got a few ladybugs done.
They are super cute, aren't they?!

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