Monday, June 8, 2015

Last Quilt

I apologize for being absent so much lately ... my son and his girlfriend are visiting from Michigan, and in my free time when not running around with those lovelies, I have been trying to paint my family room/kitchen ... two coats of color on the wall - a change of color after the first coat.  I finally love it, but now I am onto the trim and have one more coat left.

It is with great sadness that I write this last post ... a dear friend, that started out as a longarm customer, passed away last week.  I had just talked to her a week ago to arrange a visit ... we were finally getting up to the northwest part of the country where she relocated last year.  I was so excited to get to see her and say hi.  She and her husband had decided to move there to be closer to their families.  I knew her lung cancer had come back, but the last she spoke of it a couple of months ago, she was going to start a new drug that was just being released off of trials.  True to her nature, she never mentioned a thing about not feeling well, or that even maybe this was the end ... but how do you say that?  I am just shocked ... and although she would not want anyone feeling sad for her, I do.  She had such a spirit and a love for life, and she just knew how to live.  She found quilting late in life, and I was her first teacher ... it was an honor to have her in my classes.  After a few, she quickly wanted to move past the beginner classes and challenge herself ... every new quilt she tried had to be something a little more difficult than the last.  Her seams weren't always perfect, and her top not always square, but she didn't obsess about it ... it was in the love of doing it, and she was going to get it done.  She never had an unfinished project!  When she lived in San Diego, her sewing machine sat in front of a huge bay window, and she just sat and sewed ... it was a lovely, airy and simple space ... fit her just perfectly!  When she moved to Oregon last year, I told her I would be happy to quilt for her still if she didn't mind mailing me her quilts ... she had said she was hoping I would as she loved everything I did.  She was so easy to please ... she always complimented my work, and while I appreciated the comments, anything I did to them would have been okay by her.  The simplest pattern she gushed over!!  She was just so appreciative!  She will be so missed ... I will remember the great fun we had together laughing and sharing stories, and her gift of friendship I am honored to hold in my heart.  It was an honor to quilt for her, but more so, to call her my friend.

This is the last quilt I finished for her ... I hope one of her friends will finish the binding so it can be counted as done like all the rest of her projects! 

There were so many patterns and fabrics in there, that I just tried to give the quilt texture ... It is free motion quilting ... My version of straight lines!
Inner border
She loved happy fabrics and this quilt just screams happy!
Another beautiful quilt ... I'll miss you, Judy.  

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jayne said...

Colleen you said it well! She was a treasure. My life will always be better because she entered my circle!, Judy we loved you so and so loved your humor and directness.
Colleen you were her treasure - you taught her and then turned her work into the magic she envisioned :) what a great gift you gave to such a dear lady's!!!
We will miss you Judy but you left us a gift - thank you!!! and thank you Colleen for sharing her story!!!!