Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Musings and catching up ...

Hi all ... We were on vacation last week to the Seattle/Tacoma area and to Victoria, B.C.  We had visited Victoria when the kids were young and realized it was someplace we needed to return and spend some time.  While we enjoyed the scenery in WA, the area is being hit by a heat wave and it was just too hot for me! Sorry we are pampered San Diegans spoiled by a near perfect climate!

We spent 3 days in Victoria and had such a good time!  We left our car in Port Angeles and relied on just walking around Victoria on foot.  The weather was beautiful ... Cooler than San Diego and they claimed it was hot for them.  We stayed at the lovely Empress Hotel.
I felt like I was in England!
While there hubby had promised we would have tea at the hotel.  Their tea is a very big deal and they serve 600 to 900 people a day (if I understood the hostess correctly).  We made reservations and I was so excited.  My husband, not really ... Haha ... He was such a good sport, but the tea menu is really not something he would usually eat.
A listing of the teas you could pick from ...
They're beautiful china.  They have a set menu, the only thing you have your choice of is tea.

It was all delicious and by the time we got to dessert, we split one of everything and saved the rest for later in a doggy bag.  They also send everyone home with tea bags of their Empress Tea ... Their house blend.  Yummy and their most popular tea.

We spent lots of time just walking and sightseeing ... I did a little shopping .... I did see a quilt store, but I honestly cannot think of buying any more fabric right now!  I have been doing some journaling and planning in a calendar, basically scrapbooking.  I found a couple of really nice paper/stationery stores that had lovely things that you don't see so much here.  Came home with a little loot ... I'll show you a peek from one of the stores ...
Addicting as quilting I tell you ... It is helping me through my life right now.  I fell like I am just overwhelmed with everything ... So I have retreated a little to regroup.  This happens sometimes, and I think it is important to listen to ourselves.

I am trying to play catch up from being gone, but didn't want you all to think I had forgotten you!  I'll be back later with more of my travels ... I have more to share!  And also catch you up to date on what I have been sewing.

In the meantime I'll leave you with this sweet picture of my granddaughter ...my son has had 3 weeks of visitation, and after this week, they go to 3 times a week, but still supervised by mom ... Weird I think, but that is the way it is done.  He is really enjoying finally being able to see her ... It warms and melts my heart.

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