Thursday, September 24, 2015

Cotton and Steel

Most of the people I quilt for are friends/customers I have had for some time.  I am a part time longarm quilter, so my calendar is usually pretty full.  I had the opportunity and pleasure to quilt for a new customer ... I met her so we could discuss thread color, pattern, etc and I was so excited when I saw her quilt.
The quilt is for her young son, and I am in love with the color combination ... That salmon and navy ... It sings to me!
I recommended a fairly close together stipple since it was going to get washed and loved a lot!  I am always impressed, especially by young quilters, who take on challenging patterns.  I love her color interpretation, and even after quilting for many years, this is a pattern I would be intimidated by!
I used Omni thread in a taupe color.  It blended well with the dark colors, but not too dark in the light fabrics.
What a lucky son she has to have such a talented momma!
Loved doing this happy happy quilt!

... A sneak peek at what I'm working on ...

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