Saturday, October 3, 2015

Moving into October

I am slowly getting my quilting business organized.  I thought a couple of weeks ago that here it is almost October ... If you're a quilter, you are thinking that your Christmas quilts or ones you want finished by the end of the year need to get to your longarm quilter!  I didn't have any new quilts for a while, but over the last couple weeks I have had at least 8 come in ... That's a lot for me.  I realized I better get myself organized and stick to a schedule!!  

I quilted a 108" x 108" quilt last week.  It took me 4 days because I would only work on it about 2 or 3 hours a day.  Longarm quilting puts you in a position where you are always leaning over the quilt.  I quilt from the front of the frame, so I lean over the quilt and tend to have poor posture, because I am leaning down to see where I am quilting and making sure it looks beautiful!
This was a flannel quilt made by a young lady for her boyfriend... To keep him warm.  No fancy quilting here ...
Just a medium stipple for texture ... And it will hold up well during all the washing and love the quilt will provide!
The quilt is a great pattern for a fairly fast quilt ... An alternating solid block with a four patch ...
I had a bit of a hard time picking a color that I thought would go with the light and dark fabrics, but finally settled on a cotton caramel brown color thread by Gutterman; I used Glide in the bobbin in a complimenting color.  Don't like to use the heavy cottons in the bobbin -- because the thread is so bulky it doesn't go as far; it also tends to be really linty and the Glide is not linty at all.

Slipping in a couple proud grandmama pictures ... Daddy took her to the aquarium for the first time ... 

She found Nemo!!

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