Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Slow down

If I could just make time go slower right now, I surely would!  I love this season and time of year ... I guess October is my favorite month ... I never thought of it that way but here's why:  it's my birthday month, it's fall, it's weeks ahead of the time of year where I feel crazed from too much to do!!  Fall to me means apple cider, turning leaves, a chill in the air ... Except when you live in Southern California and it has been in the 90's for the last week.  I am sick of the heat ... Bring me some snow!!!  Ok ... I'll take rain  instead ... I'm about ready to figure out how to do a rain dance!!  I can feel wrinkles sprouting on my face from lack of moisture in the air!!

I have been busy busy ... Finished the quilting and binding of a quilt I started years ago.  It is a Donna Yackey pattern and the Thursday girls at the Country Loft will surely remember it!
I love it and have decided to teach it in my October stash class, Friday, Oct. 30 from 10 to 1.  I requested permission from my dear friend to teach it!  She is a doll!!

Been longarming as well ... Here is a beautiful quilt that I worked on last week 
This was a stash class from a couple of months ago and she put the pattern on point and added some appliqué.  The idea here was to use what you had ... She did!  What a great way to use up those 5" charm squares
I wanted to make the texture on this quilt special ... Been working on feathers, and it seemed like a good quilt to get more practice on.
I used Glide thread in the top in a color called Vegas Gold ... Isn't that a great name?  It is a caramel kind of gold and works so well on many quilts where there are light and dark colors.  I hate putting a light thread on a dark fabric, but even worse, I don't like a dark thread on a light fabric.  This thread color worked great and the low sheen on the thread makes it look a little special!  I used Omni thread in the bobbin.
Her appliqué is only partly done ... She wanted me to put some texture on the leaves before she added flowers!  Beautiful quilt, and a pleasure to work on.


paulette said...

Lovely quilts and the quilting is beautiful!

Susy said...

Colleen! Dang! Happy Birthday!!! Sorry I missed it. I met your handsome husband yesterday for the first time at The Loft. I've seen your pictures together on Facebook and you are such a great looking couple!
P.S. I am soooooooo excited to be in your class coming up Oct. 30th. Yea! And that's how I treat myself on my birthday, by doing something special for me! Sewing with you and our girlfriends!