Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Falling in fall

My falling was catching a major cold from my hubby last week -- I had a cold a couple weeks ago, but mild.  This last one knocked me out from last Friday and I am still fighting it!  Yesterday was the first day I could get off the couch ... Lucky for me I didn't have a lot going on!

I had the pleasure of longarming this adorable quilt a couple weeks ago!
It was for someone that does hound rescue!  I just loved looking at the tshirts as I was quilting.

This was one of my favorite shirts ... We have a beagle in our house, and this is perfect for describing him!
I have never made a tshirt quilt, and was admiring how she the shirts out.  I just wanted to hold the quilt together with lots of texture, so we chose a meander.
Look how cute the back is!!
This was such a joy to do and I know it's owner is going to love all the memories this quilt will bring!

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