Thursday, August 2, 2012

Jammin' and the races

Moving right along with my schedule ... yahoo ... here's a quilt I did last week.  It was so much fun as the colors really made the quilt shine.
This was a strip quilt and I thought a big pantograph pattern would really suit it. When the quilt has such definite lines, I usually try to soften those straight lines with something that has some curve in the pattern.  I just think it compliments the quilt.
I love when a customer says whatever color thread you want and whatever design you want.  I have a lot of the Glide thread in some very fun colors.
 I thought it would be pretty to pick up the green in this quilt so I used a new color that I recently ordered ... Prickly Pear (isn't that a great name?) ... in top and bobbin.
You can see the pattern on the back ...

Well you can kind of see the pattern ...

We went to the Del Mar horse races today and had a ball!  My hubby really likes to go once a year.  Our daughter didn't want to have family time today, so it was us, our son and a friend of his (she had never been to the races before).  We bet on six different races ...  I won $21 ... and our friend won $35!  It's always more fun when you win!!  It is funny how different people handle the betting strategy ... us women wanted to see the horses before each race, look at them, see how they walked, and see how their jockeys meshed with them when they got on.  Some of the more interesting comments ... "I don't like his head being so low, he doesn't look excited enough to win" ... "I don't like the way they tied his mane ... he looks too preppy" ... "I like that he's hyper because that means he's excited to win."  Then we would walk back inside where you could bet, always going to the same guy.  He was a little crazy (funny!), and we had a lot of fun betting with him and chatting him up.

The men did it totally different ... they only looked at the horses before the first race, then they preferred to look at the odds, and read a paper they had that gave insight into all the horses, how often they had run, jockey's history, etc., etc.  Very analytical!

Can I just point out that the girls were the ones with the wins today ... and not the men!  Ha, ha ... no matter, we all had a great time and are already planning next year's adventure where us girls have decided instead of placing $2 bets, we're going to bet larger, and win bigger ... $10 bets!!!  Wahoo!

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