Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Peace and quiet

... this is what I am sitting with right now ... I feel like I have gotten so much done already in the last week, and as it is always my way to question ... wondering why??   Life is settling back down .. my hubby is back to work as he works for the school district, and school is back in session (as many of my friends are doing that end of summer dance that only moms do!) ... my son is busy working part-time, and continuing to work on full-time employment ... my daughter is adjusting to school and having a great time, a little homesick, but settling into her second week of college.

I'm adjusting too ... last week's craziness with getting ready for the Sew for the Cure sale at work ... it's done and it was a huge success (more on that later), but this week I just feel like I can breathe again!  For right now life is calm and I am thankful for that ... because tomorrow that could all change, right?   Ha, ha!!  I am a little behind on my "quilt schedule," but I'm not letting it bother me ... I don't know why, but I know that it all will get done, no matter ... in addition to the two Sew for the Cure quilts I quilted last week, I also quilted this beauty ...
Recognize this block?
How about now?  Yep, it's a string quilt!  Isn't it beautiful ... Kim made this quilt using a navy blue as her "string" and it is stunning!  It was really fun to quilt ... she wanted a tight stipple on it, and I think it was all that was needed!
I used a navy Permacore 40 wt. thread with Glide in the bobbin ... I love the combo of cotton or poly/cotton on top with Glide in the bobbin.  That Glide thread goes forever in the bobbin, and it makes such a nice stitch!
I also finally quilted my Mystery Quilt which is on the new schedule at the Country Loft ... it is now called Scrambled Sampler
This is the only picture that is on the store's website, and I forgot to take a picture when it was done.  I am still finishing the binding, so when I bring it home to finish, I'll take a better picture.

Yesterday I did this sweet quilt for my friend's daughter ... it's her first quilt ...
Isn't this quilt wonderful?  It's a block of the month and her stitchery is really amazing!  She wanted me to stipple over the embroidery ... I like that look because if you quilt around the stitchery, it puffs up in the center.
I was a little nervous about stitching over stitching ... if the embroidery is too loose, the foot of the machine will catch on the stitching, and that is just awful, but I didn't have that problem at all.
I used YLI on top and Glide in the bobbin ... free motion stipple.  I think she's going to love it ... she did such a wonderful job!
After I finished with that quilt yesterday, I even had time to do a little stitching of my own ... I've been working on the Heart to Hand block of the month ...
Isn't it cute??? All ready to stitch down!  I'm a little behind ... this is block 5 (May) ...
Here's what the first six blocks look like according to the pattern .. I just finished block 4, and have 6 all ready to put down on the block, but I wanted to get 5 done first so I could sew it to 4 ... see how the tree on 4 is sewn down onto 5?  I should have sewn both block #4 and #5 together and done the stitchery all at one time, but I didn't think of that!

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