Sunday, April 7, 2013

What a week!

Oh my I have been a busy bee! In the last week, I got 7 quilts quilted! I had 5 done and then when I started the 6th my thread started snapping every once in a while. Ugh! So yesterday I called tech support at ABM and after 4 hours back and forth with pictures and coaching from their end, I got my timing fixed. I didn't think it could be such a sensitive thing ... But it is. The thread has to get pushed by the hook through the needle. The needle position has to be just right as well. My needle position was a little high, and my hook was hitting the back of the needle too low. That's why my thread was shredding. I finished my quilt yesterday and it seemed to be fine after a pass and a half, so I hope that took care of the problem.

The first quilt is Ellen's Cotton Club quilt. Her quilt has a different border than the other two I did. It was beautifully pieced ... Just amazing! I used King Tut on top and bobbin. I used an entire cone of King Tut on those three Cotton Club quilts. That's a lot of thread! See what was left? I was worried I was going to run out of thread.

The next quilt was a kid's quilt that is a pattern called Sophie's Quilt by JAM. She played around with the piecing some ... The quilt is so cute! I used Glide in the top and bobbin with my swirly loop.

I taught a Mystery Quilt Friday night complete with dinner. I like mystery quilts ... When you take one of those classes I show you one block, but the idea is to create a quilt without all the planning you normally put into picking fabrics and colors ... It is very freeing, or scary ... Depending on your perspective! I made a Mediterranean pizza and salad and cookies. Dinner was delicious and the quilting was a blast! There were 5 students and I loved every single one of their quilts! They were all so different! One was in 30's fabrics, one was in a 3 Sisters red, brown and gold fabric, one was dark with Kansas Troubles fabrics, and one was in beige and jewel tones with Snow White fabric ... So cute! They have promised to send pictures when they are complete and I will share them with you! My quilt was a mix of yellow, gray and red ... I couldn't find the sashing I wanted, but I wound up with a different look. I found the polka dot print this morning to use as binding... It makes it more fun! I did a different design in my quilting ... I did a spiral circle over the whole quilt in different sizes. I like the way it came out. I used Glide in the top and bobbin. I washed the quilt after I bound it. I like it a lot better now that it is quilted, bound and washed.

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Well done!!!
You are certainly on a roll :)

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