Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Monday Stash Report

Tuesday again!  Wow ... I'll be back later because I have lots to tell as I have been a busy bee this week with the longarming.  For now, here's my stash report:

Yardage out - 3 1/3 yds. - three yards for a backing on my French Turkey quilt, which was one of my list of thirteen to be finished by the end of the year; 1/3 yard for the binding 

Yardage in - the fabric buying continues ... got a little excited over some sale fabric I found online at Bunny Hill ... it was such a deal!  6 1/2 yds.

Net used this year (remember my year totals just started last week!) - 6 yds out.  I better get some real sewing going, as my yardage out numbers are dwindling!  Be back later ...
A sneak peak of what I've been working on ...

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