Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Stash report

I read several blogs that do a stash report regularly, and I really like the idea ... fabric in, fabric out, yardage to date in, yardage to date out, etc., etc.  I decided that would be a great way to see really how much of my "stash" I am using.  Would you like to join in the fun?  My plan is to report in on Monday's ... here's my report for the last couple weeks, but from here on out, I'll report weekly.

Yardage out: 22.5 yards; that is approximately three quilts over the last couple weeks, including some backing
Yardage in: 8 7/8 ... after being great at ONLY using my stash for a couple of months, the fabric bug has bitten again!  I purchased several precuts of the new line Route 15 by Sweetwater ... thank goodness we didn't get the entire line, or I would have bought more.  I also bought about 3 yards of this great cream background with a gray dot ... I think it will go with almost anything; and then several yards of sale fabric to be used for backing.
Net yardage:  13.6 yds out!!!  Even though I bought several yards, it still means I am using up more than I'm buying ... I'm moving in the right direction.

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