Sunday, February 9, 2014

Life and such

After a slow start, I have had a busy and productive week.  I have been having some personal challenges, and along with being sick and having to stop and slow down, I have been struggling.  I tell you this not for sympathy ... Here, on my blog, you will find the person I am in real life.  I think it is important to share joys and challenges ... It let's us all know that both sides of the coin are real and happen to everyone.

I just had to pick myself up every day and push to do one thing.  Before I knew it it was Friday and I had accomplished so much!  Monday I quilted a friend's quilt I have had for too long!
I was having some trouble getting my thread tension to cooperate.  I even placed a call to "my people."  He suggested maybe the thread was bad in that particular spot.  I had another cone in the same color thank goodness and wala! ... No trouble!  These are the times that having a machine is not fun!  I just want it to work as it is supposed to and I don't want to have to be a repair person! Waa, waa!!  These are the things I never thought about before I bought my machine.  If you are really in the market for a longarm, do your research, test several, and find a longarmer and watch all that goes into loading a quilt, care of the machine, and the whole process.  It is NOT as easy or quick as I once thought!
I did something called dwirling where you echo the previous line, throwing in curves and designs to give interest.  It is really a fun free motion design.  I used Omni in top and bobbin in one of my favorite colors ... Bronco.
Sorry for the lighting in these pictures ... It was late afternoon and I couldn't get away from the glare.  It was a fun little quilt to work on and I truly thank my friend for being so patient.  I have the best quilting friends, and customers ... I really do!!  Let me say with all my complaining that I feel truly blessed to be able to have this business I run out of my home, making my own hours, and having such flexibility.  It is hard work for sure, but the joy I receive from working on other people's masterpieces is something I can't quite explain.

Speaking of joy ... Look who is 11 months old!

Is this not so sweet?  She had fallen asleep in her other grandpa's arms.  I just want to squish and kiss those adorable cheeks and squeeze her!  I hope I get to do that soon!!

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