Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Only Six Left

... Six quilts left that is it!  I mean six customer quilts.  We won't talk about how many of mine need to be quilted.  They are not even in the count!

This quilt I have had since last May and another great friend was very patient!  It was from a string quilt class that I taught.  I love this quilt ... It is a great way to use up your scraps.  In my stash I have strips cut from 1" to 3 1/2"; when my bins are full it is time to do something with them. My bins are full, so I think it is time for a string quilt!


I did a close together stipple because I love the way the design looks on a busy quilt like this.  It just gives it so much texture.

I used Omni thread in top and bottom in a gold color.  It really popped on the darker colors.  One of my longarm teachers told me when you're not sure of a color thread to use, try gold.

Next was this adorable baby quilt.  I have decided that minkee and flannel are my two favorite backings!!  When you quilt over them, the fabric just soaks up the stitches and it looks beautiful!  It also really feels good when you're quilting on it as well.

I did a curly swirl with a heart thrown in here and there.  Omni thread in top and bottom in Baby Pink.

This quilt is so cute ... I love the pink and brown, and with the minkee on the back, I want to curl up with it!

And look who is the cutest valentine ...
She just started walking this weekend and she is so proud of herself!

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