Saturday, February 1, 2014

Wool bunny - unfinished project #2

Well I am proud to present my second finish of the new year ... A wool bunny
Now remember this was the banner project from last year and I wasn't paying attention when I laid him out.  Please don't tell me he is sitting on the pennies, or that I should have moved them down ... I was not going to undo what I had sewn to correct it and make it perfect.  DESPITE what a couple of my friends said ... Harrumph!!  The drive this year in getting it done is reaching a finish ... It doesn't have to be the same finish you originally had in mind.  Done is better than laying in a box, collecting dust!  I wasn't sure how the banners were finished off, I could see on the pattern they were blanket stitched around the whole thing.  I simply sewed my back right sides together with my front, left a hole for turning the whole thing right side out, clipped my curves before turning, and then blanket stitched around the entire outside.  I really like the way it finished the piece.
Isn't he cute?  Once I figured out how to get the back off this frame I had laying around, I used my 505 basting spray and wrapped the frame back in batting, then sprayed again and wrapped it with a layer of fabric.  I just pinned the banner on, and I will change it out every month.  But I better get busy and get another one finished ... the valentine one is almost done.

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Angie said...

Love your Bunny!