Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Happy quilts

I did two quilts a couple of weeks ago and they were quite fun.  I think my friend, M, has made about 150 baby quilts ... I know I've quilted about 20
of them in the couple years I have known her.  She usually does a simple flower with raw edges machine appliquéd on ... It is beautiful and speedy, she can knock one out in a day.

She decided to challenge herself and try a little something different
It is a flower quilt for a baby girl, but all pieced ... And lots of seams to meet!
Didn't she do a beautiful job!  I did my signature swirl on the quilt (my favorite design to do), and did a different design in the belly of the flower.  It was supposed to be kind of like an open figure 8, but it didn't exactly come out like that.
That's ok ... They all came out a little different and when the quilt is washed. It will really get the texture going.
So adorable.  She put minky on the back ... I just love how the quilting soaks into the minky.
And here it is all tied up and ready to go!  Omni on top, and Glide in the bobbin.  Good thing too as the baby was just born last week!
The next quilt was one she made for her granddaughter.
This quilts colors were so simple and muted, that I really wanted to use dense quilting.  I tried a new design I had seen a variation somewhere else.  I never know what it is going to look like; I usually dont practice much, just a couple designs on the side of the quilt and I am off.
A cute little 3 petal flower with a tight curve connecting it to the next one.  Close together ... It took A LOT of bobbin thread!
My camera does not do the colors in the quilt justice.

It came out so sweet and is going to look lovely on the little sweetie's bed.  Omni in top and Glide in bobbin.

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