Friday, August 15, 2014

Hearts for a baby

At least I think this was a baby quilt ... Isn't it cute?
I don't normally do real detailed custom quilting, but I felt like this quilt really lent itself to something different.  I had a design I saw from Green Fairy Quilts that I wanted to try 
The design down the middle of the border ... It was really fun and I like the way it came out.  The only trick was I had to turn the quilt after I did most of it so I could get the side borders done.  It was a little time consuming, but better than rolling forward and back.
I love the spirals in the inner border
Just did a little loopy design in the outer border
Wavy lines through the hearts and a fun flower design in the half square triangle blocks.
She loved it!
It was all free motion and I didn't mark anything.  Omni thread in the top and bobbin in a creamy white.  What fun!  Thank you Judy for entrusting me with another beautiful quilt.

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jayne said...

You just get better and better! So impressive :)
Give yourself a pat on the back!!