Sunday, September 28, 2014

Building a beauty

Sometimes I have a definite idea of what a quilt should look like, and sometimes I just go with a vision.  I had seen a quilt on Pinterest that I loved.  It was a four
patch in a four patch and there was a cross of colors.  I knew I wanted to make it.

I had pulled some fabric back when I did the curved ruler quilt, and I had this stack that hadn't gone with what I used ... I knew it would be perfect!  Reds, greys and a little black.  I cut it all
out one day and then started sewing.
When my daughter had pneumonia and it was 100+ here we were holed up in my bedroom.  The only area of the house with central air... 
I set myself up on the nightstand and sewed away.
The dogs were with us too ... It was a little crowded in there, but that was ok.
Our dogs are allowed on the bed, but Todd is not because he is so dirty all the time.  I think Charlie and Sophie like to get up there and rub it in.

He likes this spot under the bed because it is nice and cool.  Usually it's his short little legs that stick out.

Then when I went to Irvine and spent the night the day before sweet daughter went back to school, the quilt came too.

Wanted to show you I still have my boo boo.  It's all healed over, but super sensitive, so I keep a bandage on it until the skin grows back and gives it some cushioning.
All laid out on the bed.  I should have looked back at this picture as I sewed it together because I got my blocks messed up.
Got the blocks all sewn together finally!  Then I thought it needed some borders to make it bigger, although I was tempted to just leave it because I liked the way it looked.
Three borders later and it is finished!  I was supposed to teach it last Friday, but I have been home sick with my daughter's virus.  So I will teach it on Halloween Friday from 10 to 1.  Come join us!  I think I'm going to whip up a small sample in Halloween colors ... Wouldn't that be fun?!

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Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

I really like your quilt. =) Love quilts that chain and yours with different shades of red and gray chaining through it looks really fabulous!